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Michaela is a New York City based actor and writer, born in sunny and colorful Greece. She completed her  studies in acting and acquired a MFA in Athens , where she had the privilege to study next to as well as work with some of the most inspiring, knowledgeable and  challenging teachers and directors in Greece. 


Since her move to New York City Michaela has focused on film and television and has worked on TV series, commercials, short films, and web series.


Michaela tends to get cast as young women who are intorverted, perhaps fragile, but strong. Quiet strength and resilience best describe them and they can overcome any adversity life sends their way.

At the same time Michaela has written several feature films, short films and a pilot. Her work navigates around strong, complicated and unconventional women fighting for themselves and/or a better world.

When she isn’t shooting films or writing, you will find her making her homemade cosmetics, doing Pilates or travelling within the US with a goal to eventually visit all 50 states.

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