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"I really enjoy adding humor into emotionally heavy situations—I guess it’s something that I do in my own life as well [ ... ] as a writer I can’t escape my own voice, which inevitably embodies my philosophy about life; that you can’t get through it without a little bit of humor."

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"The advice I give to others, and try to remind myself, is “Know yourself and love yourself.” I think it’s crucial to be in touch with your feelings and acknowledge your needs without judgement."


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"My goal is to give a voice to relationship issues that haven’t been seen enough on TV; polyamory, open relationships, homosexual couples’ issues, sexual identity, power struggles etc. I also aim to shed a new light on the modern woman."


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"As a writer and filmmaker, I aim to tell the stories of unconventional, multi-layered women and also give a voice to the under-represented."


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"I am truly in love with the art of storytelling. I enjoy discovering new worlds and seeing things from the perspective of different characters, whether by acting in a project or writing and producing one in its entirety."

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"Don’t wait for permission [...] You gotta follow your gut, take a deep breath and go for it."

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